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  • Breanna St. Gelais

    12/1/2010 1:07:21 PM | Reply

    i'm a st. Gelais!

  • Jeff Wiggins

    1/11/2011 8:16:06 AM | Reply

    Hiya =) Just dropping by to say keep up the good work. If there is anything I can do to help, just let me know.  Feel free to drop by my FB.  

  • James St Gelais

    2/16/2011 4:53:53 PM | Reply

    Nice that we still have a family website. thanks!

  • Kerry Replogle

    3/10/2011 5:20:25 PM | Reply

    thank you for St Gelais work, after the recent death of my grandfather, this allowed me to trace my family history more than I imagined and from some many different links to re-
    establish a connection to him i thought lost.

  • Leonard Dodge

    3/12/2011 9:45:03 PM | Reply

    Just hit on the site after googled my Family the Woodbury's. Great web page and info.

  • Michael S Butler

    9/4/2011 10:33:24 PM | Reply

    Thank you so much for your website.  I am amazed at what you have regarding my family lineage.  I just have a few loose ends to tie up.

    Michael S Butler

  • John Palmer

    9/13/2011 9:36:35 AM | Reply

    Thank you for you work, I fould this helpful with verifying my Palmer information for Afred Burton and Cllen Norrene Hitchcock and filmily.

    John Palmer

  • Matt Bruns

    5/15/2012 2:55:10 PM | Reply

    Thanks for your work. I found information regarding the Ellenwood (Ellinwood/Elwood) family here on page 11 of Notes that was very helpful to me. Our roots go back to Ralph Ellenwood who crossed the Atlantic on the Trueblood 15 years after the Mayflower. You listed members of my family recorded in the 1880 census as being in Kansas City at the time. The rest of the family was caught up in the gold rush in Ouray, Colorado at the same time. I'm digging to see if they were, in fact, on their return trip as the elder Ellenwood had a heart condition. It's interesting that two of her daughters were with her while the rest of the siblings were still in Ouray. Many thanks for the concise manner in which you organized your thoughts. If I may be of service, please do not hesitate to ask. - Matt

  • Marie-Denise Saint Gelais

    11/22/2012 7:57:36 PM | Reply

    Hello all family St Gelais

    I am from Québec City . I know many histories about the family
    St-Gelais . I write Saint Gelais because the ancestors came from  France region of Poitier . I will come back to gave you more informations . My parents Ernest-St Gelais and Simone Desrosiers
    6 childrens Claudette,Réal,Lisette ,Marie-Denise,Jacques ,Mario.   Nice site .Thank you !  

  • Tracy St.Gelais Jones

    11/27/2012 6:36:44 PM | Reply

    I am a St.Gelais too!  I look forward to exploring this site, and learning and sharing.

  • Sheldon St.Gelais

    2/19/2013 8:27:00 PM | Reply

    Well I had absolutely no idea about this site until my girlfriend informed me of it. Very intriguing

  • Michael S Butler

    2/19/2013 8:59:51 PM | Reply

    I would love to see information anyone has concerning the Butler's and Ellenwood's together. I have an ancestor who married a daughter of the Sea Captain.  

  • Christian St-Gelais

    4/10/2013 1:33:40 PM | Reply

    bonjour,Gaspard Pradet est mon ancetre de France,ses descendants on immigré au Québec et maintenant nous habitont le saguenay lac st-jean...

  • James St.Gelais

    11/13/2015 5:31:17 AM | Reply

    I am the son of Lionel Domicile, son of Delphis... descendants of Gaspard Pradet. see where perhaps our ancestors came from and hence why we are Saint Gelais.

  • Chris St Gelais

    1/2/2019 2:10:10 PM | Reply

    Hello everyone... Never knew this site existed.

    Great Idea...

  • James St Gelais

    2/17/2019 7:42:08 AM | Reply

    Interesting all of us St Gelais have in common that this part of our ancestry came from Saint Gelais France ( small town in France ). Our actual family original name may differ . Mine was /is Pradet.
    I’m from the St Gelais in the Manchester , NH area.

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